venerdì 14 agosto 2009

Who's afraid of SaveMe Oh?

In Second Life, almost all SaveMe Oh fear, they feel threatened by her and interpret her behavior as inappropriate and lacking education. Many residents consider SaveMe Oh a provocative and disturbing person.
A SaveMe like interact during performances, and often does so with transgressive interventions. It did so even during Arena, but none of us has ever taken the complaints against him, but his performances have always added something extra to the event.
SaveMe I know that may seem disrespectful and wrong, but these are the peculiarities of his character, never assume, deliberately provocative and transgressive, in perpetual struggle against the conformists.
Do not be afraid to SaveMe Oh, only because it avoids the mediocrity and conformist behavior, not ban her if she "disturb" your event. She will be a real performance, without script or cloth, according to the art of improvisation.
She is never trivial, is not kind, says what they think! Sometimes his thoughts may be unpleasant for the recipient, however, should be so great to be recovered and also counter the thoughts that we do not like, because I believe that the comparison is positive and a sign of openness and intelligence.

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