mercoledì 5 novembre 2008


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Vi invitano all'apertura di /Invite you at the Opening of

Chi5 Shenzhou

Giovedì 6 Novembre/ Thursday November 6 - Sabato 8 Novembre/Saturday November 8

Show Opening: Giovedì 6 Novembre alle ore 10 PM It/ Thursday November 6 at H 1 PM SLT

Arena Slurl: (

Art work
"Pixellust (Chi5)." It is a three-dimensional "self"-portrait, rendered as a pixelated icon. Emulating the early days of digital art, each .5^3 meter prim is the equivalent of a pixel of color within an eight color palette, which is inspired by the standard 16 colors found on a VGA computer display. Attached is a zipfile containing screencaps of the work.

I'm a musician, and sometimes digital artist based in Brooklyn, New York. I am best known in Second Life for my contributions to group exhibitions in Odyssey, numerous architecture commissions--including the construction and design of the dual performance halls for the Das Klenes Field Recordings Festival in Berlin--and for my prominent role of "The Devil" in Gazira Babeli's machinima film, "Gaz of the Desert."

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