martedì 4 novembre 2008


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ti invitano all'opening di Frieda Korda
Questa sera Martedì 4 Nov alle ore 22,00

invite you at the OPENING of FRIEDA KORDA
This evening (4 Nov) at h 1 PM SLT (H 10 PM It)

ARENA slurl (

La mostra resterà aperta
Exhibition will be open
da martedi/ from tuesday 04. novembre/november a giovedi/ to thursday 06. novembre/november. 2008

Tutte le informazioni e il calendario nel blog di Arena

All the info and the calendar of exhibition in the Arena's blog

Frieda Korda about herself:
I started taking photos from the first day in SL.
I use myself as an object, since I'm an artmodel in RL this is more or less an extension of that.
I'm particularly interested in movement, expression and storytelling ...
I only use photoshop to make the composition, I don't add effects, neither use any filters to create my works.

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