giovedì 7 febbraio 2008

Crash server or vandalism?

Da Linden Lab Support: Sent Final Resolution (museo of metaverse dammage)

We have solved your issue

Hi --The crashes themselves were physics related -- I'm not able to say if they were the direct action of someone intentionally doing harm, or simply an accident which happened due to poor scripting or the collision of out-of-control items; both collisions and scripting errors are common causes of region crashes.It -is- possible to rollback to an earlier version of the region, prior to the crashes on February 4th at around 5pm SLT -- but anything built or rezzed onto the region since then would be lost. One of the Estate Managers for Dulcamara or the owner would have to request the rollback in a Support ticket.I'm sorry for the trouble and hope this enough information for you. ~ Maggie Linden

Pertanto non è possibile sapere se si è trattato di un errore di qualche script o di un atto di vandalismo.
In Dulcamara, tuttavia, fra le 2 e le 3 di Martedì 5 Febbraion 2008, nessun'altra land ha subito danni.

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