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ARENA: Cienega Soon

uqbar. media art culture e Rinascimento Virtuale

Vi invitano all'apertura di /Invite you at the Opening of

Cienega Soon

Saturday, January 31 - Monday, February 02, 2009

(10 PM CET - 01 PM SLT)

ARENA EX.IT slurl: (


Cienega Soon arrived in Second Life® 12/2/2006. logs in from southern California USA

Cienega’s RL artwork runs through many mediums; Oil and acrylics, sculpting with metal and wood on a large scale. Soft Leather and feather work mixed with glass, and her stained glass work.
Cienega's reason for not bringing her RL work to the grid, is her view of the differences of each environment. She sees a special beauty in Second Life® and believes it should be celebrated in its environment without her RL stuff hanging around in an unnatural view.
Art to Cien is alive everywhere she creates it, an expression of her need to sing with her hand and eyes.
Cienega Soon's Second Life® became exciting after she discovered the snapshot feature at the bottom of the screen in June of 2007. Experimenting with her newly purchased PScs2 program launched her Second Life® career.

Opening her first Gallery in Valeriya, August 2007.
NOW, Two New** Galleries on a new Sim: Juicy by Cienega Soon
**Cienega Soon Gallery @
**Juicy ~A dark castle gallery**Juicy Gallery ~to gather brand new SL artists getting their work seen

Her high quality prints, canvasas and custom cards are avaliable at her ImageKind online Gallery. link available in her website

KoinUp Winter Photo Hunt session December 15th, 20083rd place "Flurrries"
Orange Island Photo Sessions Co-Hosted with KoinupNovember 14th, 2008
Exhibiting artist at the RL exhibition Rinascimento Virtuale (Virtual Renaissance) which will open at the Museum of Natural History in Florence, Italy. October 21, 2008-January 7, 2009
**Uqbar Media Art Culture 'ARENA'October 21, 2008 through January 21, 2009The biggest exhibition of art that has come true in Second LIfe®carried out in contemporary with the exhibition of Florence in the spirit of the Museum del Metaverso. The works will be exposed to the attention ofcritics, curators, collectors and lovers of art**Cienega Soon 'ARENA' EX.IT sim January 30, 31st 2008 - February 2, 2009
Burning Life 2008 Exhibit: Oil PigsOIL PIGS @ Burning Life 2008Designed & Created by:Cienega SoonGigmonger StineSound effects Creator: Lorin Tone
Speaker at the Photo Institute, August 14, 2008Second Life's premiere school for studying photography

Mentor for Koinup "Mentors Project"
An Exhibiting Artist for SL5B "Darkness" June 23rd - July 7th 2008Her SL5B exhibit "Darkness" was a walk through her darker side with emotions and places to see as light is invited to play across the edges of things crying to be seen and understood in a unique setting. 􀀂
Guest judge for the "Photomania Contest" held at the City of The Arts on Hyacinth Island, hosted by Kritz Etzel, June 2008.
Placed top 20 finalist of over 400 entries in the Stiletto Moody "Picture Your Moods" photo contestMay 3, 2008
Winner of the Koinup® Exotic Contest, March 18, 2008
Winner of the Slartist IDOL contest earlier this year, February 2008
Avatrait Presents Cienega Soon for the month of December 2006. she is now one of Avatrait's galleried Artists in their RL gallery just outside of Chicago, Illinois.


ARENA exhibit

Saying emotion and feelings with art is like music. There is a flow of sound through out my work. A little on the dark side, but still light enough to find a connection.
Rancor is my most important piece so far. I have a need to convey the pain of betrayal.
The over reaction of jealousy and the feeling of retaliation.Here Rancor is a reminder that hate and un-forgiveness causes scars in both directions. The one holding the hate, and the one receiving it.
Walk through Rancor ... there is a small moment of a break through when you walk into love.
If you carry any un-forgiveness I hope you can see a bit better. Just release it and feel free for a moment.
I hope you enjoy my carnival of displays and the pieces I have included. You will find many for L$50.

Thank you for coming
Cienega Soon

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