sabato 3 gennaio 2009

ARENA: comet Morigi

This is the work where you see a museum, not what you see IN museums.

Meanwhile, you can view the terraformed island FROM museums, NOT AT museums.

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Vi invitano all'apertura di /Invite you at the Opening of

comet Morigi "THE SUNKEN MUSEUM"
Sunday, January 04- Tuesday, January 06. 2009
(10 PM CET - 01 PM SLT)


My work is made of the basic elements of the inworld - its land, clouds, water, and trees. That exists inside/outside a gallery. I do Art to consider what is OutWorld/InWorld, through consideration of what is outside/inside. "inworld" is a type of "real life," and not its opposite, that is the only premise of Art/life to be inworld. I hope the day will come when the residents will be proud to live inworld, free from a business dictatorship.
私の作品は、「この世界」の基本的な要素(地面・雲・水・木)から成って、ギャラリーの内外を貫く。私が美術することは、内側/外側を問うことを通じて、「この世界」と外界の関係を問うことだ。「この世界」inworld は、「現実の生活」RLの一種であり、対に無い。その前提だけが、「この世界」に美術/暮らしを在らしめる。住人が「この世界」に暮らしていることを誇り、私企業による独裁から自由である日の訪れを、望む。
Born and live in Tokyo, Japan. Exhibited in many outworld galleries and museums , and wrote essays in books.Inworld, her work has been supported by galleries Overfoto, Man-a-hatta, Weard Wealty's, Limoncero, Lars', and Gotter's.
東京生まれ・東京在住。外界(ourworld)の美術館・ギャラリーで展覧会多数。評論の寄稿・刊行。インワールドでは、次の6ギャラリーより支援を受けている。Overfoto、Man-a-hatta、Weard Wealty、Limoncero、Lars、Gotter。 日本語ブログ

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