martedì 13 gennaio 2009

ARENA: DB Bailey

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Vi invitano alla performance di /Invite you at the performance of

DB Bailey /David Denton - PAPAL APARTMENT

Tuesday, January 13 - Thursday, January 15. 2009
(10 PM CET - 01 PM SLT)

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DB Bailey in Second Life is David Denton, architect in real life. David’s architectural practice includes commercial buildings, urban planning, public art, and exhibition design.
His office/studio is located in Marina del Rey, California ( Before starting his own architectural practice David was a principal in other firms, including the office of Frank Gehry.

In Second Life David has been designing projects for almost two years, including a conference center for an international management consulting firm. Currently David is building a large mixed-use project called LOCUS ( ), which is devoted to strengthening the connection between the SL and RL art and design worlds. This project – a community of creative people – is nearing completion and will feature such artists as Robert Wilson and Daniel Maltzman as well as others.

David was featured in a recent article in The New York Times about architecture in the virtual world. Many articles and blogs have been written about his work. (Google “DB Bailey.”)

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