sabato 6 settembre 2008

"THE RINGS" Premiere at Diabolus Art Space

Write Velazquez Bonetto, owner of Diabolus Art Space:

CARP (Cybernetic Art Research Project) did it again! The next big show and follow up to THE WALL! on a new sim offered to us again by NMC Labs.

We are very proud to announce the Premiere of: *THE RINGS* on 6th September 2008 1PM SLT repeated at 2.30PM.

The CARP team is a group of international artists, engineers, programmers, scriptwriters, architects, musicians, audio and media specialists etc. They work in collaboratiion, using their skills to develop and create NEW ART, NEW TECHNOLOGY and more in Second Life. With THE WALL we got a audience of 2500 people watching it. With this new big show there are more developments and we hope to have a big audience again.
The newest development is our preprogrammed camera system. ...What is that? ......It is a camera system that was created so you can watch the show with new views of cameras installed in the show
Sit on a seat, click the seat to turn it red. click 2 x esc. the camera takes over ...NOW SIT BACK AND ENJOY!
We are sure you never saw this before in SL:))

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